Sunday, March 8, 2009

FREE Cyber- HUGS!!!

In our troubled economy with people losing their jobs, savings, homes...the lives that they have known...what could be better then receiving a a FREE HUG!

Everyone needs embrace! We, as human beings will not survive, grow and flourish. In an effort to promote the selfless work of Juan Mann...Give FREE Hugs to as many people as you can today, tomorrow ...every day...especially to those you may not even know. You just might give a hug to a person who has been starving, thirsty for the embrace of human kind.

Maybe the answer to all of our troubles comes in a mere HUG...a gentle word of encouragement...letting people know that we care in the split second of an embrace two spirits come together and feel the power of the universe...we feel a higher work.

There is HOPE in a FREE Hug!

Consider yourself Cyber -Hugged by me! BE well, my friends...Be welll!

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