Friday, November 4, 2011

Dr.Oz Gives Voice to the Mid-Life Silent Scream

Dr. Mehmet Oz of The Dr. OZ Show finally gave the mid-life silent scream a voice and a label...Periomenopausal Rage.

PMR, in my opinion, is the root or the first place every women who suspects that they are going through mid-life transition or crisis should investigate to deal with the physical and emotional upheaval that can come at this time in her life.  
Dr. Mehmet Oz of The Dr. OZ Show

For the past several years at this blog and my forum called Women in MLC, I have addressed  PMR or Periomenopausal Rage...the language that I used may have been different, as I didn't label it as PMR, but purely as hormone imbalance that may be attributed to the hormone changes that are occurring prior to menopause.

As teenage girls we are prepared and educated for the emotional and physical changes that occur when "our time of the month" begins... one prepares OR educates us for the the multitude of changes that occur within our body as it prepares to stop our monthly visits by "our"little friend".

So, when we suffer from fatigue, confusion, memory loss. lack of patience, irritability...even split second rages...then falling back in to equilibrium or calm; we have no clue as to what may be causing it or what is happening.

In fact, when we do go to the doctor and our hormones are checked the results, in many cases I have heard of come back in "normal" ranges.

WHAT THE HECK IS "NORMAL"?...for me...for my neighbor...for YOU!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mother's Message

Daughter Facebook Status: “I really wish I didn't care so much about some things. I care too much about too much.”

Mother Facebook Comment: I had this problem too when I was your age...

You just have to figure out what/who EXPIRES you and what/who INSPIRES you...
ELIMINATE those who EXPIRE and grab on to those who INSPIRE you...
INSPIREES are the one's who have forward motion and they help you reach for the stars!!

Those who expire you will suck you dry of your energy, enthusiasm and ability to succeed...they are just using you! Run as fast as you can from them.
Affirmation Message:

 “Today, I declare blessing over you — that you are strong and courageous. You are full of talent, creativity, and wisdom. You can accomplish your God-given dreams. You walk in divine health. You have favor with every person you meet. Everything you touch is going to prosper and succeed. Those seeds of greatness on the inside of you are growing stronger and stronger. That hidden treasure is about to burst forth and you’re going to come in to new seasons of increase.” Kimberly Jones

Tune in for another Mother's Message next week with the new weekly blog post: Monday Mother's Message"

Remember, I Love You!

Numbers 6: 24-26
 :-) ♥

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