Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doodlers, Unite!: Maggie's Story

Doodlers Unite! for many years I have fought teachers who insisted that our talented artist and daughter MUST stop Doodling on her homework and test papers, also while they are teaching.  They said it was distracting...

To whom, may I ask?!! 

Apparently, to the teacher...a child with their head down and doodling must be goofing off and not paying attention.


In fact, one teacher that Maggie LOVED (despite) punished her all the time for Doodling on her papers or called her out to stop while she was teaching the class. I would get notes, phone calls and even a Parent/Teacher's conference primarily on the topic of her "continual" Doodling!!

Maggie's Doodle in 3rd Grade
I was told at said meeting that the continual Doodling was not a measure of good discipline and that she would not tolerate her doodling while she was teaching..."it was not fair to the other children...that they had to have their eyes front on her concentrating on the subject at hand, while, my daughter, was off in 'dream-land' doodling.(Please refer to the video below as this theory is debunked

As for her doodling on her test and homework papers..."this was just a distraction and made her work look messy."

I challenged this teacher saying: "First, let her doodle and then quiz her on the material, then have her not doodle and quiz her...see how she does." 

You know what happened?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Reserved Parking for Hybrid Cars...Say What?

Yesterday, my family and I checked out our new historical park at Great Bridge in Virginia and was surprised to find this sign right down in front at the docks alongside the handicap spaces.

I don't get it!

Why would people with hybrid cars get preferential parking? Do more handicapped people buy hybrid cars or is this a perk of being a hybrid car owner?

In my humble opinion, this little perk is so minuscule and so out of left field it is ridiculous!

I would rather their be more handicap spots to allow those with large handicap vans to park or those with wheelchairs who need access and off load.  Now this makes sense...doesn't it?

But giving a person a parking perk for buying and owning hybrid car is crazy progressive thinking! It will not make me run out and buy an expensive hybrid car!

Could it really be a progressive idea to help promote the sale of hybrid cars?

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