Monday, July 23, 2012

Reserved Parking for Hybrid Cars...Say What?

Yesterday, my family and I checked out our new historical park at Great Bridge in Virginia and was surprised to find this sign right down in front at the docks alongside the handicap spaces.

I don't get it!

Why would people with hybrid cars get preferential parking? Do more handicapped people buy hybrid cars or is this a perk of being a hybrid car owner?

In my humble opinion, this little perk is so minuscule and so out of left field it is ridiculous!

I would rather their be more handicap spots to allow those with large handicap vans to park or those with wheelchairs who need access and off load.  Now this makes sense...doesn't it?

But giving a person a parking perk for buying and owning hybrid car is crazy progressive thinking! It will not make me run out and buy an expensive hybrid car!

Could it really be a progressive idea to help promote the sale of hybrid cars?

If it is...I find it very interesting to think that those with a progressive viewpoint are trying to encourage purchase of hybrid cars by teasing us with THIS type of perk.  Really?  No...I mean really?!

Let me point out one thing... the majority can't afford the new hybrids...only those who are in the $250K and above tax bracket or the government can afford them.  So, how does this help those of us who are still driving our gas-guzzlers?  I guess we get to walk to the docks and museum after finding our space.

Do they think that a plethora of hybrid car owners will be visiting?  I don't think so. They aren't the folks that will be partaking in the Great Bridge Historical Park and intended Museum.  It will be families, schools and history buffs...not the elite. 

Did hybrid cars owners show up in a demographic or some sort of poll they took when designing the parking lot? 

 "Oh, I see....People owning hybrid cars will have need to park nearer to the docks and museum, so we must accommodate them." ;- /

Could these spaces be in anticipation in the future increase of hybrid cars that the many of the upscale boat and yacht owners who will be passing through the canal and docking there?

Nah! They will be on their yachts tootling around the canals...they won't have their hybrid cars with them.

I KNOW!!! Tucked deep inside the new ObamaCare Law there is a small regulation that states that ALL new parking lots must provide THREE reserved parking spaces for hybrid cars, as a way to encourage patrons to purchase and use hybrid cars and NOT discriminate  against them or separate them from the rest of the society who refuse to go hybrid....hybrid car owners are a minority and we must not discriminate against them!  THIS is one of the surprise "details" Nancy Pelosi spoke of when we finally got to reading the whole ObamaCare bill thing!


If not a secret little regulation...

Who thought of this and determined the need?

I find it very perplexing that an effort has been made to offer preferential parking to a group of drivers that still is very small and in the end, a waste of spaces that could be offered to those in need...the handicapped!

This falls under the stupid category, but can be included in issues that government seems to think are breeding ants and stuff like that!

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