Monday, October 6, 2014

2 Things Your Children NEVER Want To Hear From YOU

These kids...they can knock the wind right outta ya...Now I know what I put my mother and father through...I apologize every day to them...through prayers. I hear my mother in heaven saying:

"Well, Amy, I told you, that you would find out when you had your own children...and now you are finding out."

She would say it with love though...we are both hard headed women and never afraid to say I told you so. I fear I have born some hard headed daughters and a son. 

I have thought and said, "I told you so" to each one, without fear...knowing I would be ignored...never gloating when the result was true. But I am sure my children, just like I thought my mother was gloating...think I am gloating about being right. 

She didn't want to be right, just like I don' it comes the dreaded sentence...

"It is what it is!"  

An "I told you so" said at an appropriate time, after keeping your mouth shut and watching a child repeatedly make mistakes and not learn...well, it can be a good reminds our children that wisdom is not a bad thing and we have gained it by not listening to our parents. The key to an excellent "I told you so" is to make sure they know that you are speaking from experience and that YOU didn't listen either. Your wisdom has come from failing, but trying again in a better way or even listening to  your mother father and father...finally! 

Mom and Dad weren't perfect either...none of us are...God made us that way on purpose, otherwise we would be Him. We are only made in His image, we are not God. God subtly says "I told you so " to us also...yet, He unconditionally loves us when we rebel against His guidance. He only wants the best for us...I believe that is what parents want also.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Voice: Are you listening to it?

What does your inner voice say to you?

We spend most of our younger lives having our parents or significant others train us to listen to this tiny voice and then we go to school and out in to the world to have that training tested. 

In our present culture, our training is muted by media...we hear the voice of television, music, social media...our experiences in college through professors, our college friends and at work through our workmates. 

IF...we have had any experience of hearing the voice of God through scripture, prayer and meditation or song....It is THIS voice we need to listen to when it speaks from our inner spirit. 

Turn down the volume of our culture and listen to the TRUTH...Listen to the voice that is within. 

Oprah has called it your father and mother always told me to listen to my gut feeling...I HEARD it as a voice and was once thought to be crazy by a preacher because I told him I heard a Voice. I always knew this Voice...I heard and spoke with this Voice often when I was young.  I am not crazy...I believe I am just open and allow God to speak to me directly, through human messengers, in visions and in dreams.  I hear and listen to the Voice all the time now and then I try to represent Him the best I can after hearing the message!

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