Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Treasures from My Father

My sister Gail brought a treasure trove of pictures, slides letters, diplomas and writings that were my mother's...but mostly my father's writing and musings.

Edward S Onody
Edward S Onody was a that you rarely see any more in this world.  He was a Renaissance man of sorts. He was definitely a product of his Hungarian Immigrant parents; a generation who toiled and learned how to live with little and being blessed with much.  Until I started reading my father's younger musings, when he was young and in love, starting a family, being sent off to war and dealing with family and life issues...I didn't realize until now that it was my father who was the romantic one of my parents.  It was my father who openly struggled and grappled with life’s growing pains, but all the while leaning on an ever present faith in God.

Here is the one of many Treasures my father left behind.  I found this list written on a bank deposit slip, front and back...he never wasted anything and always used bank deposit lists for his lists and notes.  This one, I believe, tells you a lot about a man that at the time that he wrote it, which was at my mother's and his final home at Loughberry Park in Saratoga...that he was a man who was looking over his life and jotting down his thoughts. To me, this list is what is missing in the men is the foundation of what makes a Noble Man.

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