Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Parking Lot Random Act of Kindness

To the Lovely Woman with the Kate+8 haircut and the Hairy Eyeball:

Thank you for walking my Bloom grocery cart all the way to cart corral, while giving me the stink eye and then dramatically slamming the cart into the others as you vigorously strode back to your car.

I am truly grateful, as my daughter was standing alone up at the high school in the dark waiting for me to pick her up.

You did me a great favor. I hope you understood me when I mouthed "Thank You" as you stomped to your car.

Believe me, I wanted to mouth something else...even use some sign language...but decided your random act of kindness should not go unnoticed.

So...Thank you!

BTW: I believe you may have been so caught up in your random act of kindness that you didn't notice the cart corral was much farther away then the front of the store.  You could have taken less stomps to the front of the store then to the corral...but then maybe you needed the exercise.

Bonus for you, I guess! :-)


A Grateful (Menopausal) Bloom Shopper

Do you have any stories like this...Stories where the Random Act of Kindness came from you by NOT reacting negatively...but positively...then turning or making the other person think about their own reaction to YOUR action? 

I would love to hear them.

Can you "Catch more flies with honey then vinegar"?

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