Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Mid-life Roller Coaster

The Mid-life Roller Coaster 

OR.........A person can choose to get off the roller coaster also...sometimes it is just too scary....Exhausting or a roller coaster you didn't choose to ride were forced to ride it because of someone else's' choices.  

Many women in mid-life crisis put their families on an emotional, physically and spiritual roller coaster that literally changes their lives forever.

When in MLC, as women, we must realize that WE are changing and our changes do force others to change also...BUT we must be patient and understand they may not want to be on our ride. Consider what you are doing, feeling and saying in relation to others when in MLC, which may be the hardest thing you do....MLC is a very selfish needs to be as we neglect ourselves up until that point...but we must not forget we are in relationships and they will be effected by our changing and our roller coaster ride.  

To help with your roller coaster ride check out Women in MLC...a website to help Women in MLC and for the partners and family of those who are on the roller coaster.

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