Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reality of Human Trafficking Hits the Bookshelf with "Deliver Me From Evil"

As hard as we might try to ignore the reality that sexual human trafficking is even harder to wrap our brains around the fact that it happens in our own US cities and hometowns.

In "Deliver Me from Evil", author Kathi Macias weaves a story of how the paths of those that have their lives stolen from them with those who are totally unaware that it has happened.  Many of the characters are caught guard as fate delivers them to the lives of either being the abused or being tested in the face of an evil that rarely enters their quiet and clean-cut Christian lives. It is a wake up call even for the reader!

I do not want to give away any of the details of this gripping and timely novel.  Ms Macias has brought to life the ugliness and struggle that occurs in the world of sexual human trafficking, while delivering the message to the reader that this is no longer something that they can ignore, turn their backs fact, it can happen even within our own families, in our own towns and no longer happens over seas in foreign countries!

The Christian perspective is subtle (yet powerful) enough that even the secular reader will not be put off by the urgency of the message that is given throughout the book.  As the mother of five children ( four girls and one boy), the story reached in to my brain and grabbed at my own fears of their safety, then broke my heart, while being shaken with the sharp reality of a child going out of sight for just a few minutes and how it could be the last time!!  It truly made me think and even speak to my children who are of the ages of the children and teens portrayed in this book.

Ms Macias has done a wonderful work with her first book in her Freedom Series.  I look forward to reading the next novel and hoping that the stories of the characters established in the first continue.

Deliver Me From Evil will shake and wake you up to a societal problem that is slowly but surely creeping in to our own neighborhoods, is no longer just in the news or happening to another family...sexual human trafficking can no longer be ignored.

If you would like to read this novel, I will be randomly selecting someone from those who comment on this article.  The drawing will occur on November 1st, 2011 and I will notify the winner via e-mail and here in the comment section.  

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