Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Lake House

My father passed away in 1994 after a terrible bout with liver cancer. Though I knew he would not make it, I also knew where he was going...into the Saviors arms that he loved so much. I grieved my father's lack of presence here on earth for almost ten years.
I was devastated and prayed.
I was angry at God and prayed. 
God spoke to me and told me that HE had to take him because it was time for me to learn to lean on Him completely...and I prayed.
Then one night in the tenth year when I prayed out loud to get to see my father for just a few minutes, so I could hug him, see his smile and smell his presence again...God gave me a dream.

In that dream, I was wandering and searching for something in a desolate area unknown to me, until I came upon a house on a lake. The part of the house that faced the lake had a wall of windows and beyond those windows, tall pine trees and a beautiful lake that was shimmering like diamonds from the sunshine that was pouring down. I had to go outside on the balcony to see for myself.

As I stepped on to the balcony deck I saw people to my left standing by and leaning on the rail, gazing off longingly at the beautiful site off in the distance. Then I turned to the right and there...sitting in a pool of the brightest light was a person who was resting in a white Adirondack chair with his feet up, his head leaning back and his hands resting on his belly. The person slowly began to smile. I knew that was my Dad!!! I almost yelled out; "DAD!! DAD!! It's me Amy!." I immediately stopped myself, covering my mouth to ensure no sound would leak out that would disturb him. 

As I stood there looking at my father resting in the light, I realized the look and smile was one of pure peace,! How could I be so selfish after so many years to ask my father to come back to hug me for a split second when he indeed was in the presence of the one he so loved? I couldn't...I loved that man that much and I thanked God for giving me such a great father. 

I thanked God for being there throughout my grieving. 

I thanked God for giving me this gift...a peek into heaven...for answering my prayers. 

I drank in the sight...memorizing every aspect of it, knowing I would not see him again this way until I joined him there someday on that Lake House porch sitting in white Adirondack chairs basking in the Sonlight together!

I woke up and never wished my dad back again...I celebrate him because I know where he is...he is with the father AND he is with me. He visits with cardinal visits all the time. 

God is wonderful that way! 

Look for signs from your mother and from God. They will comfort you in this early time of grieving. Pray and if you can't sit and pray because your mind wanders from the sadness ...write your prayers. It is amazing how God will take the pen out of your hand and comfort your heart with His love and peace. 

Please know people are praying for you during this grieving time.

Remember there is no time limit on grieving the one's we love.

Sending hugs and love across the miles!

Monday, October 6, 2014

2 Things Your Children NEVER Want To Hear From YOU

These kids...they can knock the wind right outta ya...Now I know what I put my mother and father through...I apologize every day to them...through prayers. I hear my mother in heaven saying:

"Well, Amy, I told you, that you would find out when you had your own children...and now you are finding out."

She would say it with love though...we are both hard headed women and never afraid to say I told you so. I fear I have born some hard headed daughters and a son. 

I have thought and said, "I told you so" to each one, without fear...knowing I would be ignored...never gloating when the result was true. But I am sure my children, just like I thought my mother was gloating...think I am gloating about being right. 

She didn't want to be right, just like I don' it comes the dreaded sentence...

"It is what it is!"  

An "I told you so" said at an appropriate time, after keeping your mouth shut and watching a child repeatedly make mistakes and not learn...well, it can be a good reminds our children that wisdom is not a bad thing and we have gained it by not listening to our parents. The key to an excellent "I told you so" is to make sure they know that you are speaking from experience and that YOU didn't listen either. Your wisdom has come from failing, but trying again in a better way or even listening to  your mother father and father...finally! 

Mom and Dad weren't perfect either...none of us are...God made us that way on purpose, otherwise we would be Him. We are only made in His image, we are not God. God subtly says "I told you so " to us also...yet, He unconditionally loves us when we rebel against His guidance. He only wants the best for us...I believe that is what parents want also.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Voice: Are you listening to it?

What does your inner voice say to you?

We spend most of our younger lives having our parents or significant others train us to listen to this tiny voice and then we go to school and out in to the world to have that training tested. 

In our present culture, our training is muted by media...we hear the voice of television, music, social media...our experiences in college through professors, our college friends and at work through our workmates. 

IF...we have had any experience of hearing the voice of God through scripture, prayer and meditation or song....It is THIS voice we need to listen to when it speaks from our inner spirit. 

Turn down the volume of our culture and listen to the TRUTH...Listen to the voice that is within. 

Oprah has called it your father and mother always told me to listen to my gut feeling...I HEARD it as a voice and was once thought to be crazy by a preacher because I told him I heard a Voice. I always knew this Voice...I heard and spoke with this Voice often when I was young.  I am not crazy...I believe I am just open and allow God to speak to me directly, through human messengers, in visions and in dreams.  I hear and listen to the Voice all the time now and then I try to represent Him the best I can after hearing the message!

Monday, July 22, 2013

"This is the father of your children!"

When I was a little girl, God whispered in my ear that when the man that He had chosen for me came along, He (God) would whisper in my ear, "This is the father of your children!"

For many years I kept my ear attuned to hear that quiet voice. In my impatience to hear His voice I married another man who was an alcoholic and abused me...we got pregnant four times together, but not one child survived. I was even told by specialists I would never have children. I was devastated.

Then one day in Paradise, while stationed with the Navy in Hawaii and while my divorce was waiting to be finalized...a gorgeous man walked on to the elevator where I lived carrying a laundry basket...and I heard..."This is the father of your children." I am not sure if I said it out loud, but I certainly thought loudly..."WHAT...this guy?! He's hot!" I dropped my eyes and thought: "Are you sure?"

"This is the father of your children," God whispered again.

I was caught off guard and walked all the way out to my car and then decided I needed to go back in the building and check the father of my children out again. He was no where to be I rushed back up to my room and told my roommate all about it. She knew exactly who I was talking about...she helped me cleverly meet this man.

Five children later and soon to be 26 years of marriage on August 8th, the man in the elevator and I have had our ups and downs...but God ALWAYS brings us back together. I love you to pieces Dave!

Don't ever question God when He has a plan for you OR a person picked out. He will let the man HE has picked cut in, as long as that man is HIS pick.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

...and the children will lead them: Malala Yousafzai speech in full

Today of ALL days I choose to watch and listen to THIS young woman who is a HERO to all children and represents what is good and honorable in this world today. 

I will not fill up my Facebook feed with hate and negativity after the results of one trial....My heart breaks for the loss of one young man over a year ago in a senseless altercation and that some believe justice was not done. But justice is not done in many ways AROUND the world for our children, no matter what their color, race or religion.

I WILL give my prayers to Treyvon's parents and family, as losing a child is the worst thing any parent could endure. I pray for Mr. Zimmerman and his family as their lives will never be same.

I pray and support THIS young woman in her mission to help children, especially girls around the world become what God intended them to be!

Happy 16th Birthday Malala Yousafzai...may God grant you many days with us and bless your life fully throughout! 

Thank you for your bravery!

Isaiah 11:6, NIV: 

6 The wolf will live with the lamb, 
the leopard will lie down with the goat, 
the calf and the lion and the yearling [a] together; 
and a little child will lead them.

PLEASE Watch the whole will be awestruck by this young woman!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time to turn back on the faucet...

What is it that gets you writing?

What do you do if you are blocked?

Time to turn on the faucet and let the water flow!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mars and Venus Collide...again.

Wife takes seriously ill husband to doctor.

Doc to wife:

 "Give him healthy breakfast daily...

Be pleasant & in good mood.

Cook tasty dinner & don't discuss your problems with him.

Let him watching tv and don't burden him with house work.

Don't demand new clothes or shoes.

Make love as often as he wishes the way he likes it.

If you do this for one year, your husband will be OK."

On way home, husband asks wife: "What did doctor say?"

Wife: "Dr. says you will die very soon..." (unknown author)


On the Flip-side:

Husband takes seriously ill W to doctor:

Doctor to husband:

"Give her a healthy breakfast every morning.

Be in a pleasant mood.

Appreciate the tasty meals she cooks and LISTEN don't fix her problems...encourage her to explore her talents and gifts.

Don't bury yourself in your computer, TV or iPhone.

Compliment and NOTICE the things she is doing for you and family.

Realize that taking care of children and a home is work too and she may be tired. SEX is NOT on the top of her list. But a bubble bath, nap, taking care of the kids or cleaning the dirty kitchen might get her in the mood more often. 
(one time doesn't count)

If you do this for one year your wife will be okay."

On the way home, wife asks husband: "What did the doctor say?"

Husband: "Dr. says you will die very soon."

Wife: "Yeah I know...I was lucky you noticed anything was wrong and brought me to him...but, what did he say?" (ME)

WE both (men and women) need love and be listened to and appreciated.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Mid-life Roller Coaster

The Mid-life Roller Coaster 

OR.........A person can choose to get off the roller coaster also...sometimes it is just too scary....Exhausting or a roller coaster you didn't choose to ride were forced to ride it because of someone else's' choices.  

Many women in mid-life crisis put their families on an emotional, physically and spiritual roller coaster that literally changes their lives forever.

When in MLC, as women, we must realize that WE are changing and our changes do force others to change also...BUT we must be patient and understand they may not want to be on our ride. Consider what you are doing, feeling and saying in relation to others when in MLC, which may be the hardest thing you do....MLC is a very selfish needs to be as we neglect ourselves up until that point...but we must not forget we are in relationships and they will be effected by our changing and our roller coaster ride.  

To help with your roller coaster ride check out Women in MLC...a website to help Women in MLC and for the partners and family of those who are on the roller coaster.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doodlers, Unite!: Maggie's Story

Doodlers Unite! for many years I have fought teachers who insisted that our talented artist and daughter MUST stop Doodling on her homework and test papers, also while they are teaching.  They said it was distracting...

To whom, may I ask?!! 

Apparently, to the teacher...a child with their head down and doodling must be goofing off and not paying attention.


In fact, one teacher that Maggie LOVED (despite) punished her all the time for Doodling on her papers or called her out to stop while she was teaching the class. I would get notes, phone calls and even a Parent/Teacher's conference primarily on the topic of her "continual" Doodling!!

Maggie's Doodle in 3rd Grade
I was told at said meeting that the continual Doodling was not a measure of good discipline and that she would not tolerate her doodling while she was teaching..."it was not fair to the other children...that they had to have their eyes front on her concentrating on the subject at hand, while, my daughter, was off in 'dream-land' doodling.(Please refer to the video below as this theory is debunked

As for her doodling on her test and homework papers..."this was just a distraction and made her work look messy."

I challenged this teacher saying: "First, let her doodle and then quiz her on the material, then have her not doodle and quiz her...see how she does." 

You know what happened?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Reserved Parking for Hybrid Cars...Say What?

Yesterday, my family and I checked out our new historical park at Great Bridge in Virginia and was surprised to find this sign right down in front at the docks alongside the handicap spaces.

I don't get it!

Why would people with hybrid cars get preferential parking? Do more handicapped people buy hybrid cars or is this a perk of being a hybrid car owner?

In my humble opinion, this little perk is so minuscule and so out of left field it is ridiculous!

I would rather their be more handicap spots to allow those with large handicap vans to park or those with wheelchairs who need access and off load.  Now this makes sense...doesn't it?

But giving a person a parking perk for buying and owning hybrid car is crazy progressive thinking! It will not make me run out and buy an expensive hybrid car!

Could it really be a progressive idea to help promote the sale of hybrid cars?

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