Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mars and Venus Collide...again.

Wife takes seriously ill husband to doctor.

Doc to wife:

 "Give him healthy breakfast daily...

Be pleasant & in good mood.

Cook tasty dinner & don't discuss your problems with him.

Let him watching tv and don't burden him with house work.

Don't demand new clothes or shoes.

Make love as often as he wishes the way he likes it.

If you do this for one year, your husband will be OK."

On way home, husband asks wife: "What did doctor say?"

Wife: "Dr. says you will die very soon..." (unknown author)


On the Flip-side:

Husband takes seriously ill W to doctor:

Doctor to husband:

"Give her a healthy breakfast every morning.

Be in a pleasant mood.

Appreciate the tasty meals she cooks and LISTEN don't fix her problems...encourage her to explore her talents and gifts.

Don't bury yourself in your computer, TV or iPhone.

Compliment and NOTICE the things she is doing for you and family.

Realize that taking care of children and a home is work too and she may be tired. SEX is NOT on the top of her list. But a bubble bath, nap, taking care of the kids or cleaning the dirty kitchen might get her in the mood more often. 
(one time doesn't count)

If you do this for one year your wife will be okay."

On the way home, wife asks husband: "What did the doctor say?"

Husband: "Dr. says you will die very soon."

Wife: "Yeah I know...I was lucky you noticed anything was wrong and brought me to him...but, what did he say?" (ME)

WE both (men and women) need love and be listened to and appreciated.

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