Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Baptism by "Red Ink"

A Baptism by “Red Ink”!

I anxiously awaited my copy of “Red Ink” by author Kathi Macias to arrive from Amazon, as I had gone to every bookstore, including Christian Bookstores to try to find it;  they were either sold out or awaiting shipment. While awaiting the arrival of my copy, I started reading other reviews and impressions of the book, which increased my excitement and wanting to dive in to the read as soon as it arrived.

Admittedly, I have not read any other books or novels by Kathi Macias’s, so “Red Ink” was my first exposure to her writing style...A baptism by “Red Ink”!!

 I am a die-hard Jane Austen, Dickens fan and in Christian writing…C.S. Lewis, Francine Rivers, Jerry Jenkins and Tom LaHaye connoisseur.  I like my stories descriptive and meaty, challenging my knowledge (historical and/or scriptural), while working with analogies and metaphors to develop the characters and plot….building the conflict to a boiling point that the reader’s thirst for the answers or solution are met and then lead the reader to a place where they want more, while creating the anticipation for the next good read.  My expectations as a reader is high and even when I delight in an easy/fun read…I want a challenge to draw me back to the book and to more works from the same author.

Red Ink” is multi-faceted with three different storylines that ultimately interconnect in some form; even if it is only through prayer..  I was immediately caught up in the story as Ms Macias’s writing technique of introducing all three storylines in the first few short chapters intrigued me, yet didn’t overwhelm with too much information.  It is a story of perseverance in the face of evil, the power of unceasing prayers and unshakeable faith in a God that promises deliverance from evil.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas Music: Manheim Steamroller Still Still Still

One of my favorite songs from Mannheim Steamroller. This video combines the beauty of the sights of the season and the music focus is on the Reason for the Season...The birth of Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kick-off the CHRISTmas Season and Pay It Forward

December 1st is the Second Annual Pay It Forward
'Tis the season of Random Acts of Kindness...
PAY IT FORWARD all this month!!
What can you do to make another persons (a stranger) day better...promote their work...better their situation...take away a burden?  It doesn't have to be fact...make it simple!

*Pay the toll of the person behind you.
*Pay for someone's cup of coffee.
*Donate clothes, money or books.
*Shovel your neighbors walk...Mow their lawn, Rake their leaves.
*Buy someone's groceries.
*Help someone with a bill.
*Visit a senior citizen.
*Write a letter to someone who has helped you or was instrumental in helping through a difficult time...thank them!
*SMILE at someone who looks sad or down!
*Let someone go ahead of you in a line.

When you do something for someone else, they are more inclined to do something nice for another person...if not, at least you have done a good deed!
So on December 1st and every day this month share some kindness...spread some joy!  It can be as little as a few dollars or a simple one needs to know..but if you want to come here and let us know what you did...please do and we will share in the JOY!!
Spread the word!!  

Please share your Pay It Forwards here or at Facebook at Pay it Forward Day page.  This Facebook event was created by David Del Mundo....paying it forward today by spreading the word! 

It is a great way to start the CHRISTmas season...for HE Paid It Forward for ALL of us!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!

Get out the kleenex!! Sit back and enjoy...this little video is a great way to start the Christmas season. It loads a bit slowly but take the time to watch it all. We need a little bit more of this type of Christmas cheer at the holidays....It is time to put CHRIST back in to Christ-mas!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Are you leaving a Legacy?

What is the Legacy that YOU are leaving?

You do not have to be famous or make a ton of money to leave a Legacy...most people leave a secret legacy that is only told after they are gone by those who pass through a viewing line and tell you how your loved one touched their heart...guided their career or helped in a way that you are totally unaware.

It could have been words or just a gesture...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wrinkled Ladies

This video speaks for itself. I was literally laughing out loud. I believe when we hit this stage of mid-life and meaning-to-pause moments...we must take some time to find the humor in our aging. This will give you a chuckle...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Mr. President....

A message to our President, Elected Officials and BP:

Dear Sirs:

In light of the pickle we are in the gulf and the growing amount of oil building up there, along with the increased loss of animals and vegetation...I believe that Elvis has the solution to the problem..."a little less conversation and little more action, please" would be appropriate at this time!


A Citizen of the USA

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time

Please take the time to watch this interesting video on The Secret Powers of Time. You will be amazed at how the meaning of and use of Time is culturally driven or even defined by how we use it in our families. I encourage you to check other videos at RSA Animate at if you love learning about interesting topics that you can later discuss and challenge your friends and family. This is GOOD stuff!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goodness Is All There Is

Jack Armstrong, the author of "Lessons from the Source" brings you this inspirational video with snippets of wisdom from the pages of this powerful book. Armstrong's book is "a spiritual guidebook for navigating life's journey." Please stay tune as I will be posting a review in the near future the mean time...Enjoy the video!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

THE FART FAIRY by Bobbie Hinman


Children's Book author, Bobbie Hinman has been a guest blogger here at CyberHotFlash. Bobbie's NEWEST children's book offering is "The Fart Fairy"!! After much questioning and reaction to her recent book title and story....AND ...much encouragement by her friends who truly saw the whimsy in this particular Fairy....she has released the trailer to one of her most precocious fairies in the family.

Before releasing the book, Bobbie asked her friends and fellow writer's what they thought of the story idea, as few people had told her that some may be offended by the story. I believe the responses at her Facebook profile proved that majority of people felt that it wasn't the adults who mattered in this would be the children that would giggle and laugh...wanting it read over and over again. "The Fart Fairy" would be favorite ALL the boys....and probably even the girls.

I find Bobbie Hinman's books delightfully refreshing....a return to the innocence of childhood, clever and enjoyable for young and old alike. Ms Hinman is growing her collection of Fairy books, that include:

The Knot FairyThe Knot Fairy,

The Sock FairyThe Sock Fairy (Book & Audio CD),

The Belly Button FairyThe Belly Button Fairy.....

and now, the soon to be Best Seller...The Fart Fairy.The Fart Fairy

Though my children are grown, I am collecting these books for anticipated Grandchildren....I believe every child should a set of these books on their bookshelf.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Postcards From OZ: The Bomb - ILYBINILWY with Mort Fertel

This weeks guest on Postcards from Oz: Navigating Mid-Life on the Yellow Brick Road is Marriage Fitness guru, Mort Fertel. Tune in tonight as Mort and Postcards Host, Amy Harden discuss The Bomb: The "I Love You But I am Not In Love With You!" statement. What leads up to it? What should you do when your spouse drops it? How can you you prevent ever having "The Bomb" drop? Questions are always welcome!

The show is at 8 PM EST on Thursday, March 18, 2010.

or call in at (347) 237-4296

From His web site ( ):

Mort Fertel 
Marriage Fitness 4 Steps To Building Maintaining Phenomenal Love is a world authority on the psychology of relationships and has an international reputation for saving marriages. In addition to working with couples, he teaches individuals how to single-handedly transform their marital situation.

People from all over the world schedule private tele-sessions with Mort Fertel and seek his counsel by joining the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp. He is the author of Marriage Fitness Audio Learning System and the creator of Marriage Fitness Home-Flex, the most comprehensive relationship home learning kit in the world. Over 100,000 people a year subscribe to his free e-zine.

Mort Fertel was a featured expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and the Fox News Network. He is also a frequent guest on talk radio programs. His breakthrough program, Marriage Fitness, appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Family Circle, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour Magazine, Parent & Child Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, Library Journal, Women's Health, Denver Post, Orlando Sentinel, Baltimore Sun, and Toronto Sun .

Mort's Marriage Fitness program is endorsed by marriage counselors, therapists, relationship experts, and mental health professionals. And he has helped save thousands of marriages."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

I would love to live in the country with so much land and space between me and my neighbors that we cannot see one another or make judgments about one another's grass or the fact last Fall's leaves are still sitting in my flower beds, along with the fact that the yard fence is still not back up after the pool's completion.

Maybe if I lived in the country, my neighbor's would wave back because we would just be neighbors and all these other things would mean nothing to either of us.
I am beginning to understand Robert Frost's poem more and more each day living in the city where "Good fences make good neighbors."...the fences just aren't tall enough.

The second part of the comment is what is the neighbors don't wave back...I was raised by parents who were quite neighborly...born before the Great Depression where everyone helped everyone else no matter what...cutting grass and mulched flower beds didn't make you a good neighbor when they were alive. The fact that my neighbors are frustrated with our family because we are the only family on the block that are not signed up for the True Green plan is sad...don't you think? Last year one of my neighbors asked me when we were going to get a sprinkler system so our grass wouldn't brown out by summer's end. I told him after the neighborhood contributed to " The Harden Sprinkler Fund"...then we would get a sprinkler system.

I know it is a simple thing to let rub me the wrong way, but in my recent musings on Simplicity...I have learned that waving back and forth to a neighbor in friendliness...though a simple can say volumes about you as a person. I will chose to wave to my neighbors no matter...I will walk the walk and talk the talk....wave the wave!!!

By the By...My next door neighbor vacuums their lawn every other day...I mean, mows the lawn so there are no leaves!!! kidding!! My neighbor on the other side does the same can imagine how happy they are that I don't and how ALL my leaves seem to blow on to their lawns. I truly don't do this on purpose...I am allergic to mold and can't mow the decaying I can't afford to hire someone to do it. I fear, my hubby is not obsessed one waves, I guess! Oh, well!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

156 Countries Sing Together for the Starbucks Love Project

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers. May your lives be filled with tons of love...Join me as we spread the love around the world. Enjoy this wonderful video!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Something to tickle your funny bone and make you giggle...I love this baby...if all of life could be this simple and funny.....take some time and put a smile on your face...

BRAND NEW Mort Fertel Program


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