Sunday, March 21, 2010

THE FART FAIRY by Bobbie Hinman


Children's Book author, Bobbie Hinman has been a guest blogger here at CyberHotFlash. Bobbie's NEWEST children's book offering is "The Fart Fairy"!! After much questioning and reaction to her recent book title and story....AND ...much encouragement by her friends who truly saw the whimsy in this particular Fairy....she has released the trailer to one of her most precocious fairies in the family.

Before releasing the book, Bobbie asked her friends and fellow writer's what they thought of the story idea, as few people had told her that some may be offended by the story. I believe the responses at her Facebook profile proved that majority of people felt that it wasn't the adults who mattered in this would be the children that would giggle and laugh...wanting it read over and over again. "The Fart Fairy" would be favorite ALL the boys....and probably even the girls.

I find Bobbie Hinman's books delightfully refreshing....a return to the innocence of childhood, clever and enjoyable for young and old alike. Ms Hinman is growing her collection of Fairy books, that include:

The Knot FairyThe Knot Fairy,

The Sock FairyThe Sock Fairy (Book & Audio CD),

The Belly Button FairyThe Belly Button Fairy.....

and now, the soon to be Best Seller...The Fart Fairy.The Fart Fairy

Though my children are grown, I am collecting these books for anticipated Grandchildren....I believe every child should a set of these books on their bookshelf.

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