Monday, March 21, 2011

Note to Self: Never Under-estimate the Power of TWITTER and Robin Roberts

First of all, before we go ahead with this rebuttal to my “cyber-hot flashing” Twitter comment of the early morning to GMA’s Twitter feed on Robin Robert’s joining the Twitter-nation:

 I LOVE ROBIN ROBERTS!!  I am one of her biggest fans…I have read her books and followed her at GMA from way back.  In no way was I trying to take a swipe at the most elegant and wonderful Ms Robert’s.  I prayed for her unceasingly during her cancer scare and praised God when she made it through.  I have been in broadcasting myself and she is among the few women in broadcasting that I truly admire. So, with that said and understood, let’s get back to the reason for this blog post…NEVER under-estimate the Power of Twitter!

 I awoke this morning to check my Twitter feed to find the preliminary build-up to Robin’s FIRST Tweet:

”Are you watching? ...Robin Robert’s Joins TWITTER!...TWITTER celebrates 5 years/Robins Roberts Celebrates by Joining”  Tweet after Tweet PLUS I am watching GMA as they painfully build-up to her inaugural Tweet and I am thinking:

“A week ago today, the people of Japan were looking for their loved ones who were washed away from the tsunami or killed by the earthquake…hundreds, if not thousands were/are dead, missing…a country is in destruction PLUS a nuclear power plant is on the verge of a catastrophic disaster that could effect Tokyo, possibly the world! Qaddafi may be killing innocent people…we may be asked to go to war there…the Middle East is going crazy…Gas prices are going up…people are still unemployed…the economy is still in the dumper… the ABC News Team reported from there with great concern….AND now GMA is creating a BUZZ about Robin Roberts joining Twitter like it is the Second Coming!”

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