Monday, March 21, 2011

Note to Self: Never Under-estimate the Power of TWITTER and Robin Roberts

First of all, before we go ahead with this rebuttal to my “cyber-hot flashing” Twitter comment of the early morning to GMA’s Twitter feed on Robin Robert’s joining the Twitter-nation:

 I LOVE ROBIN ROBERTS!!  I am one of her biggest fans…I have read her books and followed her at GMA from way back.  In no way was I trying to take a swipe at the most elegant and wonderful Ms Robert’s.  I prayed for her unceasingly during her cancer scare and praised God when she made it through.  I have been in broadcasting myself and she is among the few women in broadcasting that I truly admire. So, with that said and understood, let’s get back to the reason for this blog post…NEVER under-estimate the Power of Twitter!

 I awoke this morning to check my Twitter feed to find the preliminary build-up to Robin’s FIRST Tweet:

”Are you watching? ...Robin Robert’s Joins TWITTER!...TWITTER celebrates 5 years/Robins Roberts Celebrates by Joining”  Tweet after Tweet PLUS I am watching GMA as they painfully build-up to her inaugural Tweet and I am thinking:

“A week ago today, the people of Japan were looking for their loved ones who were washed away from the tsunami or killed by the earthquake…hundreds, if not thousands were/are dead, missing…a country is in destruction PLUS a nuclear power plant is on the verge of a catastrophic disaster that could effect Tokyo, possibly the world! Qaddafi may be killing innocent people…we may be asked to go to war there…the Middle East is going crazy…Gas prices are going up…people are still unemployed…the economy is still in the dumper… the ABC News Team reported from there with great concern….AND now GMA is creating a BUZZ about Robin Roberts joining Twitter like it is the Second Coming!”

I tweeted after reading almost 8-10 Tweets about the upcoming inaugural event: “ “@GMA @Sam Champion on @Robin Roberts joining @Twitter!” R U Kidding?! This is lame, stupid fluff!

To which Sam Champion responded: 

“@shepherdess56  WOW WRONG SIDE OF THE BED?

…which then started a flood of direct “@” responses to me from the Twitter-nation about how I should lighten up, get a life and how I was a “Hater”…only one person went to my profile and read my write-up and realized that my comment might have been a “cyber-hot flash”…a menopause moment, which at this time of the morning is highly possible since the estrogen level is VERY low, if there is any at all!

 Needless to say…I felt horrible as my comment was a swipe at the GMA show creators NOT at Robin…AND in comparison to last weeks news round-up and coming off of watching James Malinchak’s appearance on The Secret Millionaire last night….making a big deal about Robin finally caving to joining Twitter was…well, “…lame, stupid fluff!” 

Was my comment not the TRUTH when looked at in this perspective? 

My heart breaks whenever I see pictures coming out of Japan.  I have a deep connection to these people, since I lived there for three years in the 80’s. The Middle East is in an up-roar.  I am concerned over the state of our nation and the world as we slowly give way to a secular society that allows anything and everything…no boundaries…no deal-breakers.  I have been watching “The Secret Millionaire” series (an ABC-TV offering) and amazed at what NEED there is right in our own country.  I work on a daily basis with men and women whose families are breaking apart…families destroyed by divorce, separations and financial distress; women who are escaping in to affairs and struggling with life when the “change” gets to be too much.  And then…I wake up to back-to-back-to back Twitter feed from GMA and various other GMA peeps of (drum –roll please) Robin Roberts FIRST Tweet!! 
Please tell me that I not crazy and that my response (though a knee-jerk one) was not right on the money when put in the perspective  or context of the GRANDER picture of things? 

In response to the negative direct @ I received…

I immediately Tweeted @samchampion @RobinRoberts and begged forgiveness for my “grumpy” response…welcoming Robin to the Twitter-nation with deserved pomp and circumstance.  I am now being ignored by all that jumped all over me, except for @samchampion, replied: “it’s ok Trust I have a lot of those AMs” and then to my telling him I didn’t realize the Power of Twitter…he said: “hahahahahaha I kno I kno…!!!” 

Sam Champion: you are a good egg in my book, always have been, always will be!

Robin Roberts:  I admire you more than you know…you are the best in broadcast TV!
                          (I am following you at Twitter)

GMA:  I get that you want to make it light…but in light of recent news…this was too much fluff in my book. But you did prove to me the power of ONE Tweet!!

Twitter: Happy 5th Anniversary!!
              I guess you have proven how far you have come through this mornings demonstration that with one off handed comment about one news anchor first tweeting…well, a Twitter-fest can be created over nothing!!ion responded: "m there with great like it is the Seocnd Coming! from the tsunami... elegant and won

If you would like to follow one Cyber-hot flashing demon named shepherdess56, please click on the previous link. Thank you...Tweet amongst yourselves!!


karen said...

Tweet away my friend! I've stopped watching network news for that reason. All gloom and doom or fluff.

Cheryl Phillips said...

Kudos to you! I would have said the same thing if I were the active 'tweeter' that I was prior to my escaping that gossipy mess of self-serving posts.

In my humble opinion, you should NOT have apologized because hot flash or no, you spoke what many were probably thinking.

Lucy Ann Moll said...

Amy, this could only happen to you. LOL A couple years ago when I joined Twitter -- and you didn't tweet it, BTW -- my hubby thought it was fluffy too. That, or just plain dangerous. Like, "Honey, now I have 100 tweeters follower me."

I think we should celebrate, Shepherdess56. Seriously, how often do you hit the bigtime. :-)

debjdarby said...

I try not to get my news from MSM. I know it's your field and Katie's too. Unfortunately, it's all owned by the same elites who are just out to make money. As for Twitter, who has time?! SQUIRREL!! ;0) <3

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