Saturday, April 2, 2011

April's Word of the Month: Inheritance

I am blessed 100%!!

I am Loved 100%!!

I am blessed 100%!!

I am loved 100%!!

I am grateful for those here who Bless me 100%!!

I was thirsty...and now I am quenched...

I was hungry...and now I am fed...

I was tired...and I am rested...

I was weak...and now I am strong...

I was alone...and now I am NEVER alone!!

I am loved 100%!

I am blessed 100%!

I am humbly grateful 100%

*This was supposed to post on April 1st to begin the The Ultimate Blog Challenge, but something must have gone haywire...internet gremlins or my technical glitch...any- hoo!!  I pray that this video blesses you as much as it did me. Prepare your heart for the Resurrection by knowing that He loved you so much  that He laid sown His life for you! 

What Does The Ultimate Game of Life have to Do with April Fool's Day?

Another stupid holiday Come and Gone: Bah-Humbug…April Fools Day!!

Please tell me why this day is all so important to people?

I have always disliked…no HATED…April Fools Day!!

Wait a minute…Since my recent participation in The Ultimate Game of Life; I am not supposed to use “absolutes” as there is no such thing as “always”.

Let me restate the above: Since I was young trusting (gullible) child, I have not joined in to the game of tricking or fooling others on this day.

No matter how I have tried to join in or put a smile on my face when someone tries to pull a joke…I don’t quite get the fun of it.  In most cases I believe it makes people look stupid, sets them up to display their weaknesses, doubts or fallibilities. I am always told to lighten up and find the humor in it. 


Since I have gone through the change there are not too many holidays that I jump in to with enthusiasm… but then I never really quite did as my old fashioned, proper mother with English blood running through her veins was not a great celebrator of holidays; especially those that were drummed up by the card or candy companies.  Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Traditional Easter…Mum’s and Dad’s Day…you betcha…she would drum up some enthusiasm for the festivities, but…   those holidays would include Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and the commercial side of Easter and St. Patrick’s Day, they were a waste of her time and money.

In her mind, April Fool’s Day was just a stupid day set aside for those folks who loved to pull pranks on others, which she didn’t find humorous at all. (All said with bluster and high brow…give the royal wave at the end)

Oh, heaven forbid…I think I am turning in to my mother!!

…but wait, the saving grace IS the realization that these are beliefs that we can change or eliminate especially if they are holding us back from living the BEST or ULTIMATE Life.

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