Saturday, April 2, 2011

April's Word of the Month: Inheritance

I am blessed 100%!!

I am Loved 100%!!

I am blessed 100%!!

I am loved 100%!!

I am grateful for those here who Bless me 100%!!

I was thirsty...and now I am quenched...

I was hungry...and now I am fed...

I was tired...and I am rested...

I was weak...and now I am strong...

I was alone...and now I am NEVER alone!!

I am loved 100%!

I am blessed 100%!

I am humbly grateful 100%

*This was supposed to post on April 1st to begin the The Ultimate Blog Challenge, but something must have gone haywire...internet gremlins or my technical glitch...any- hoo!!  I pray that this video blesses you as much as it did me. Prepare your heart for the Resurrection by knowing that He loved you so much  that He laid sown His life for you! 

1 comment:

Lucy Ann Moll said...

I love this reminder, Amy. In Christ we have everything we need. Amen.

Just don't think I'm 100 percent humbly grateful. This depends on me. . .not God.

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