Monday, August 16, 2010

Are you leaving a Legacy?

What is the Legacy that YOU are leaving?

You do not have to be famous or make a ton of money to leave a Legacy...most people leave a secret legacy that is only told after they are gone by those who pass through a viewing line and tell you how your loved one touched their heart...guided their career or helped in a way that you are totally unaware.

It could have been words or just a gesture...
a hug when needed or just their presence that placed your loved one in a special place in their mind and heart.

It could be a demonstration of being Christ-like in a world where it seems the "good man/woman" mold has been broken...Noble Men/Elegant women (My Father, Mother-in- law)

It could be a phone call in darkest of days to let you know that it is okay to grieve or tell you the things you don't want to hear, but need to hear... (My Mother and Joan Sheely)

It could be a legacy of always supporting those who play by the rules and SEE the gifts and talents of others...who secretly share what God has blessed them with those in need. (Wayne Pittman)

Those people who train you up in the way you should go throughout your life. (Mom/Dad, LtCol Hearney, Cdr Jolene Keefer, Joe McDaniel, John Assaraf)

Who has left their legacy mark on your life?

What are you doing to leave a legacy mark on others lives?

Tell me who has touched your life...Whose Life are YOU touching and leaving a legacy?  Is it a good legacy or a bad one filled with regret?

Indeed, there are two types...I prefer to leave the affirmative kind...though I am human and have failed to do on a few is never too late to leave a positive that demonstrates forgiveness, mercy and grace.

What about you?  

I would love to hear your Legacy Stories.


Diane said...

Amy! What a great challenge! As I have just returned from holding my first newborn granddaughter over the lunch hour--let me tell you--I have been thinking about LEGACIES a lot! She was named after me...(my middle name and her mom's middle name)...and I want to live and leave a legacy that will be written, not just on her birth certificate, but on her heart.

You are so right--we have the opportunity to leave a positive legacy with every moment we live. Even when we face trials...we can leave a lasting legacy of positive influence.

Living an affirmative a gift that will keep on giving long after we are gone.

Beautiful challenge!

Amy L. Harden said...


I believe that there are times in our lives that God brings this to our attention to think about and when a child is born or when a loved one passes. We see the possibilities and we see what demonstration of what another has done...and then the Almighty asks us..."Okay...What about you? What have you done or what can you still do to create a Life Legacy that people can learn from or see Me in? that IS the challenge?

Before you know it you feel His leading or is molding...Turn it over to Him and your Life Legacy will be affirming....a blessing with His fingerprints all over!

Cheska said...

Wow. Never seriously pondered on this question before but it's a beautiful thing to think about. I can imagine the things I can do to achieve this and the effect that it will apply to my recipients.
I didn't realize that such a question can create such a positive butterfly effect on people and possibly the world. Such a motivation, with long-term, if not eternal, personal gains will just make people imagine how to do this, and I'm quite positive that they will do it to others, and do it quickly.
Hmmm...So how do i leave such a positive legacy?

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