Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

I would love to live in the country with so much land and space between me and my neighbors that we cannot see one another or make judgments about one another's grass or the fact last Fall's leaves are still sitting in my flower beds, along with the fact that the yard fence is still not back up after the pool's completion.

Maybe if I lived in the country, my neighbor's would wave back because we would just be neighbors and all these other things would mean nothing to either of us.
I am beginning to understand Robert Frost's poem more and more each day living in the city where "Good fences make good neighbors."...the fences just aren't tall enough.

The second part of the comment is what is the neighbors don't wave back...I was raised by parents who were quite neighborly...born before the Great Depression where everyone helped everyone else no matter what...cutting grass and mulched flower beds didn't make you a good neighbor when they were alive. The fact that my neighbors are frustrated with our family because we are the only family on the block that are not signed up for the True Green plan is sad...don't you think? Last year one of my neighbors asked me when we were going to get a sprinkler system so our grass wouldn't brown out by summer's end. I told him after the neighborhood contributed to " The Harden Sprinkler Fund"...then we would get a sprinkler system.

I know it is a simple thing to let rub me the wrong way, but in my recent musings on Simplicity...I have learned that waving back and forth to a neighbor in friendliness...though a simple can say volumes about you as a person. I will chose to wave to my neighbors no matter...I will walk the walk and talk the talk....wave the wave!!!

By the By...My next door neighbor vacuums their lawn every other day...I mean, mows the lawn so there are no leaves!!! kidding!! My neighbor on the other side does the same can imagine how happy they are that I don't and how ALL my leaves seem to blow on to their lawns. I truly don't do this on purpose...I am allergic to mold and can't mow the decaying I can't afford to hire someone to do it. I fear, my hubby is not obsessed one waves, I guess! Oh, well!

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