Friday, November 4, 2011

Dr.Oz Gives Voice to the Mid-Life Silent Scream

Dr. Mehmet Oz of The Dr. OZ Show finally gave the mid-life silent scream a voice and a label...Periomenopausal Rage.

PMR, in my opinion, is the root or the first place every women who suspects that they are going through mid-life transition or crisis should investigate to deal with the physical and emotional upheaval that can come at this time in her life.  
Dr. Mehmet Oz of The Dr. OZ Show

For the past several years at this blog and my forum called Women in MLC, I have addressed  PMR or Periomenopausal Rage...the language that I used may have been different, as I didn't label it as PMR, but purely as hormone imbalance that may be attributed to the hormone changes that are occurring prior to menopause.

As teenage girls we are prepared and educated for the emotional and physical changes that occur when "our time of the month" begins... one prepares OR educates us for the the multitude of changes that occur within our body as it prepares to stop our monthly visits by "our"little friend".

So, when we suffer from fatigue, confusion, memory loss. lack of patience, irritability...even split second rages...then falling back in to equilibrium or calm; we have no clue as to what may be causing it or what is happening.

In fact, when we do go to the doctor and our hormones are checked the results, in many cases I have heard of come back in "normal" ranges.

WHAT THE HECK IS "NORMAL"?...for me...for my neighbor...for YOU!!

The elephant in the room concerning  PMR  is many women are in denial about it...refuse to get help OR they are misdiagnosed as bi-polar or severely depressed.

In many cases that I have seen at the forum, PMR is either ignored until the spirit of the marriage and family and  the woman are damaged or destroyed. Soon it becomes more then just imbalance, but a crisis of the mind, body and spirit.

Proper treatment with testing, medications/diet, along with a therapist familiar with PMR/MLC, while teaching and replenishing coping and life skills is imperative to stop what Dr. Oz mentioned in the show. The bad behavioral habits that can develop to rationalize and justify the rage concerned Oz...and rightly so, as I have found that the rational-lies and just-if-cations will feed the rages. 

It is a what we call at my Forum...The Perfect Storm.

I also suffered from PMR...until I finally got to the bottom of all the problems that were happening due to my hormone imbalance. There is much more to investigate then your hormones...having a sleep study done(sleep deprivation), allergy testing(food/environmental allergies)...these ALL trigger the same symptoms...PLUS what Dr. Oz advised the during the show.

Symptoms to look for are:

Perfect Storm: Source unknown
Panic/Anxiety Attacks

Fatigue/ Sleep deprivation/Restless sleep
Heart Palpitations
Foggy Brain/Confusion/ Memory loss
Achiness, Joint pain
Hyper-activity, Manic behavior or lack of
Increase of Obsessive/Compulsive behaviors
Changes in diet, cravings

When left unchecked or ignored PMR becomes a crisis of the mind, body and spirit....a storm that can leave devastation in its wake.

There is much more to this story and it needs to be told...marriages, families...children are suffering, along with the women who finally figure it all out and are left with burnt bridges and shattered lives.

Thank you Dr. Oz for finally giving PMR a voice...yet PMR is just

 the tip of the iceberg...We need to reveal what is hiding

underneath also AND address openly how devastating the results

of untreated PMR can get!!

Watch both videos at Dr. Oz's website:

Part 1   Part 2

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