Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Final Rose that Just Won't Die!

Just when I thought I had seen the last of Courtney Robertson from The Bachelor, she shows up in my mail promising me deals at Stein Mart!

Courtney Robertson in recent Stein Mart Ad
This arrival of postal paper garbage only affirms my theory that her appearance on the show was primarily promotion, to get her on magazine covers and lots of visibility for her modeling career!

But please...after Omarosa Of Celebrity Apprentice fame...Courtney may be the most hated reality star contestant since and like Omarosa, she is a horrible gift that keeps on giving! 

Will this gal ever go away?!

I mean few people were convinced she was genuine during the show...Viewers tweeted and Face-booked about how Ben should give her the boot every week and then...sure as shootin' Courtney got a rose and then gloatted off camera.  "Winning!" 

Here is my theory...hypothetical...of course! 

Courtney was picked for the show in the first place because...
her "agency" told her that this would be great for her career...she might even get some tabloid presence, which is a great boost for an, she was placed and told to be the "Evil Mole"...create discontent and drama amongst the girls and they'll (The Bachelor producers) would choose the best of the video of her doing would be great reality television...Especially, when they set it up for Courtney to surprise Ben and take him skinny dipping! Nothing like letting the Viewer in on the secret and keeping all the unknowing contestants in the dark. The producer could promote the heck out of that skinny dipping scene....more ratings!

Oh, the drama of it all!!

Now, Ben has a winery in Cali somewhere, the name escapes me...and the rest of his partners don't want or can't be on "The Bachelor".  So, they get Ben to join "The Bachelorette". How could it hurt? Free publicity for the winery...Ben might get to kiss a girl AND travel. WIN...WIN for all!

People liked Ben when he was on "The Bachelorette" with Ashley and then at the end, when Ben turned quickly against Ashley with his cutting last comment...more drama and GOOD TV!  Let's have Ben back as "The Bachelor!
Ben Flanjik

Ben was not the typical bachelor but this will be MORE great publicity for Ben's winery...RIGHT?!

(Producers to Ben): "Oh, and by the way...there is a model named Courtney that is amongst the need to pick her every show, cuz she is there to stir up drama amongst the girls and we want to keep the ratings up. People love to hate the evil chick and they will tune in every week to see if you boot her off...which you won't because she is stirring the other girl's pot, keeping the ratings up.
Oh....and if you keep Courtney down to the end and EVEN propose to her, you won't need to follow through on the proposal because the girl is not in it to get married, just to boost her modeling career. At least that is what we plan...but if you could fall for her and do, we could drag this thing out through the Final Rose...and IF you two hit it off maybe even a wedding!"

The Proposal
I was suspicious of Courtney's agenda starting from the first show and especially after Ben Flajnik sent protective, tell-ya-like-she-sees-it Emily away for repeatedly telling him that Courtney was the devil's spawn. (Emily: Ben knew all along, but didn't know how well Courtney was playing the part)

I mean, Emily's non-verbals when she spoke to Ben about Courtney was not only frustrated but was totally confused at how this guy didn't see or know that he was having the wool pulled over on him. Em...he wasn't thinking with his head, at least not the one on his shoulders, if you get my drift!

...and THEN we have sweet and perfect for Ben, Kacey B who wouldn't lie to anyone cause that is the way her parents raised her.

(Thanks Dad for helping Kacey B dodge that bullet!  You did great job in scaring the b-jeezers outta that Cali boy)

Kacey B tells Ben the same thing as Emily...EVEN returns to the show to warn him YET AGAIN about Courtney! She repeats how mean Courtney has been to the girls and that he shouldn't fall for Courtney's innocent/play it dumb act. 

Ben is confused and worried...he should be! 

Throughout this season various gals are warning him, while Ben coolly sits there looking straight at them not registering what is being said or telling them he needs to give her the benefit of the doubt( he was following direction)...He is still blinded by the week he and Courtney went skinny-dipping....What young buck wouldn't be?!

These gals might as well have been saying "Blah...Blah...Blah...Blah!!" 

The women tell all...
The clincher is this...none of the women fell for her game and neither did the audience.

Each week everyone wanted Courtney gone and we all knew why we wanted her outta there!  No one was going to let Courtney off the hook, not even at the "The Women Tell All" show...they weren't buying one word of Courtney's "boo-hoo, poor me...I'm sorry I did wrong speech!"

The Bachelor producers hung Courtney out to dry with those ladies, not thinking or remembering that "hell has no fury then a woman scorned"...or being catty!!

Even Ben turned his back on her when the going got tough...which showed HIS true colors in the end.

For a second I felt sorry for Courtney...but nope! This gal made her bed and she needed to lie in it...even if it was for the sake of her modeling career.

Finally, I believe it is time to give "The Bachelor" a rest...let it die a silent death or fade in to Bachelor heaven or hell, which is more like this last seasons was pure torture and the Evil Queen got the last rose!  That is not the way the fairy tale should end, despite what those stupid producers think...they got it wrong!! 

Post Script: Final Theory-After The Rose:

(Producers to Ben and Courtney) Come on the show and be all apologetic, Courtney. Throw Ben under the bus by telling the world that he broke up with you when the going got rough...but then Chris will have the engagement ring and pose the question if he(Ben) wants to give it back to will give the ring back to her as the audience melts in a puddle of Oooo's and Ahhhhs!  Don't worry you don't have to go through with it.  Keep the ring and look like a couple trying for about 2-3 weeks and then we will announce a final break-up and the two of you can go your separate ways. 
If we can't get the audience to buy it (we didn't)...we will get Ashley and P.J.(the guy who took the other gal from ya, Ben) to come on and tell us all their happy wedding plans!!

It will be a great show don't worry!! 

Are ya game?!!! 


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