Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seasons of Our Life: Spring and Motherhood

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I want and need this welcome mat!!  I would not be embarrassed about putting this outside my least those who enter are forewarned!! 

I used to have poem posted by my front door that was titled "Excuse this House" which pointed out to those entering that I chose to play with my children,  enjoy my life with my family and husband instead of being worried about making sure my house looked like something out of "Martha Stewart" or ready for an "Architectural Digest" shoot.

I have five children and at the time they were all young and
still learning how to take care of their possessions.  When they were young it was a season of messiness and sometimes not so clean home. In fact, my oldest was very embarrassed about our house because of all the toys and clutter...but it was clean...tidy maybe not.

Martha Stewarts NEW Housekeeping Handbook
I chose then, after having several Martha Stewart hangovers and breakdowns, that I would no longer be held to that measure.

Who was I kidding?

Martha was not raising five children...taking care of two Golden Retrievers and dealing with a husband who was on six month deployments and work-ups.  Martha has/had a team...tons of money and had several homes.

Reality made it clear I would never be a Martha Stewart Super-Mom!

Now that my children are older, we are a bit more clean...the clutter still prevails...but there is hope one day that I might be able to have that magazine shoot here....

...BUT my mother-in-law tells me that this only happens after all of the children are gone and the house has become quiet and sometimes loneliness and silence fills the gaps and spaces where the dirt and clutter once lived.  She has told me not to worry about it and enjoy the time that they are here with us...a clean house comes later in the winter season of your life...when you can remember all the wonderful times of previous seasons spent with your children and family.

So, put out your Welcome Mat to a home not quite ready for Prime Time or a glitzy magazine photographer...sit down and play with your a movie with your teens...take a walk with your college aged son or daughter...before you know it they will be gone and you will be filling the quiet with memories...choose to fill it with memories of happiness and fun with them...not days of cleaning and laundry.

This is your Season to be a Mother!!! 

I must thank my Facebook I believe I just wrote most of today's blog post at her profile page...THANKS Gwen!!

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