Friday, April 8, 2011

Vision Boards - The Basics (Part 2)

This is a direct how to guide on creating a successful and powerful vision board that will help you to center yourself and channel your positive energy into the board, making the effect much stronger on your life involving you goal or dream for yourself in life. To find out what a vision board is and how to create one, 

My Vision Board for 2005. Created right before I turned 50 years old.  

You begin by being honest with yourself about what your ultimate goal or dream is. We all have dreams that may seem impossible, but they can actually be accomplished with some, determination, powerful positivity and a good solid vision board. After you have made your decision to create your own powerful vision board, start by keeping an eye out for pictures, colors and images that grab your eye. Some you will see and they will grab you with a definite "yes", whereas others you may feel attracted to with a "buzzing" feeling in the pit of your stomach. Not every image that you collect will end up on your board, but until you get them all together to make the vision board you will not know for sure.

You can make your vision board from a piece of poster board, Foam board, a small canvas or anything else of a similar fashion. Along the way you may have noticed that certain colors will have attracted your eye, so include them on the board. You may want to paint your board first in a color that has affected you, or you may want to keep it plain. If you have chosen to paint, wait until the paint dries, and then start placing the images onto the board. Move them around into different areas until you are happy with the final overall image. You may want to add inspirational words or "power words", as they are also known, which reflect your ultimate goal or dream and have meaning to you. These words can further be used in a "mantra" which you say to yourself as you meditate or visualize your goal.
The Process

When everything is exactly how you want it, glue it all down to keep it in place. You may want to put a clear coat of glue over the whole board, to prevent any of the images from becoming loose. The choice is up to you, depending on where you intend to place it.

Your vision board is now complete. Making a vision board is only a key part in the whole process of using the law of attraction to fulfill your dreams and desires. Having determination, belief and patience are also exceptionally important key parts, as without them, the vision board would just be a collage. Regular visualization, meditation, affirmations and positive thinking are also very important. Each of these needs to be used every day, in conjunction with the actual vision board, to enable your success.

Vision boards of late can also be created using software programs which help you to create the right vision board for you, as well as make copies of the finished product so that you can carry it with you wherever you go.  Download it to small electronic gadgets or keep a copy on your laptop to use when you're away from home.

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torcon said...

Amy, great advice and idea regarding "vision boards" - it's a tactic I've heard of but never seen explained quite as well as you've done here. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad I found your site!

Amy L. Harden said...

Thank you for stopping by...I have browsed your blog also...and have followed, Twittered and Facebook Requested Friendship...I hope you visit topics are varied yours...and you speak my language..Books!

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