Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vision Boards

April 2011 Vision Board

I have been working on this Vision Board for several days and I finally completed it tonight, after procrastinating and then putting one together without gluing it...which the dogs came in and knocked the pictures all over the place.  I had to start over.

I have always created Vision Boards but back when I started they were called collage and IF you put a clear paste like medium over it...they were called decoupage.  In any case I loved doing it and after every collage I always felt a sense of emptying, a creative intensity...a release of of ideas, thoughts and emotions on to the page.  They started out with more pictures then words and not that I have been writing more...I seem to create or collage with words instead.  I LOVE collage/Vision they tell a story or show where my head was at that time in my life

If you have ever taken a Vision Board class...tell you to break up the field in to four spaces with a center that place your most prominent picture, thoughts, words, phrases. Simply, each section can represent certain parts of your life, like: Love, Family, Work, Play or Health, Happiness and Wealth.  

The Vision Board you see above have several sections that align with what I learning and using a The Ultimate Game of Life Challenge.

In the next few days, I will be looking further in to the power of Vision Boards and how everyone needs to do at least one in their life.  If you would like to learn more about Vision Boards, the BEST resources are John Assaraf's - The Complete Vision Board Kit and Joyce Schwartz - The Vision Board.

Learn how to direct your story, affirm your life and work...focus on where you want to go!



Tammy Matthews said...

I tried to create a vision board one time and got lost in the words and phrases! I love it because the word BELIEVE is prominant on it!

Amy L. Harden said...


I think that as I am a writer, I tend to paint with this doesn't bother me so much. But I will tell you when I was going through a difficult time five years ago and I was under a lot of stress, my focus Vision Boards were mostly pictures and less words, as the words were too stimulating for me at the time. In fact, as I go back through my Vision Boards over the years, I can see where my life was and how I reacted to color, pictures...they truly can tell a story, which is what I will be discussing in my blog article tomorrow.

BTW, there is nothing wrong with getting lost in the words when creating your Vision Board as long as they don't confuse, frustrate or cause stress. Vision Boards are like a "Mind Dump" through collage...they can be used for many purposes...I will be addressing this also in my future posts. If the only word "Believe" in the middle of your Vision Board caused your to continue and believe in yourself...then the board was a success.

Here is the collective of the words that goes through the middle of the old Vision Board on my wall now:

Top to bottom through the middle:

Exploring new horizons
What is Next?
Paths Not Taken
A second Chance
AHA! Moment...It's a feeling in your soul.
A Gift.
Welcome to your next Chapter
Act II: Enter Smiling
"My future depends mostly upon myself"
My Goals:
1. Tone my abs
2. Watch my calories
3. Make the world sit up and take notice!

...and that is only down the middle. I used that as my motivation for a long worked!!

I would love to have you do another one...and if you do... please share it!

amy :-) <3

Thank you for commenting...It was a joy to have you here...I hope you come back again!!

Krissy Brady, Writer said...

AMAZING idea! My walls are looking a little bare, I think it's time to get crafty. :)

Tina Lanciault said...

Love your vision board, I am in the process of doing one. I've only recently have heard about vision boards and think they are truely inspiational. In fact, after reading about vision boards I realized why I bought a picture I have hanging in my office, it has images of everything I love in life and everytime I look at it, it makes me smile so it's sort of like an vision board.
Thanks for the great post, I love the words you use in yours, like I Can!

kiwimeg said...

I have had it in the back of my mind for a while to make a vision board. Maybe I should get on to it!

Love yours - and can't wait to read more of your posts about them.

Ann-See Yeoh said...

I've tried creating them in the past & haven't managed to complete one thoroughly. I understand how useful they are, yet I wonder why I can't seem to connect with them.

Eleanore Miller, Ed.D. said...

Until the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I had never heard of vision boards. What a wonderful way of focusing personal energy! Thank you for sharing.

Dana Arcuri said...

Amy, what grabbed my attention on your vision board was the words DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE! This really spoke to me because it's exactly what I need to do! My new motto is going to be SIMPLIFY!

Love your idea's, they are very inspirational & motivational!

Dana Arcuri

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